Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Safeway's Buy 8, Save $4.00 Deals STILL VALID PLUS MORE!

Tonight I did a last minute trip to Safeway.  I put all that work into my list and it almost went to waste because I was sick.  I did the savy thing and checked next weeks sales (it posts at 8pm on Tuesday) and noticed more Buy 8, Save $4.00 items.  I saw some were the same and some were new.  I decided to update my list (on paper, it isn't in the computer yet). 

While I was actually in Safeway I noticed every single item with the Buy 8, Save $4.00 tag runs until the 15th.  The flyer in last weeks ad said those deals ran until the 8th.  Wrong!  Keep that flyer! 

I almost feel like we have a double flyer week.  I know it is only $.50 discounts but most of items are marked with a Reg Price... Club Price... and then the $.50 discount.


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