Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fred Meyer's Monthly Deals (June 23rd-July 20th)

I highlighted the deals I thought were notable.  I double checked almost everything but I have a crazy, potty training, two-year-old kiddo who insists on including me in playtime. I typed most of this wearing a plastic fireman’s hat.  In theory I’m going to print out this list and make some coupon notes. Then I’ll come back and edit in the notes and repost it with an “*updated*” title.   

Fred Meyer Coupons:
FM Charcoal Brisquets 18lb- $4.99 (L-1)
Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce 28oz- $2.50 (L-2)  (The sauce that was on sale a couple weeks ago for $1.50 were the 14oz. bottles.)
Gatorade 32oz- B4G1 Free (L-5)  (On sale for $1.25 each.)
Stubb’s BBQ Sauce or Marinade- $3.99 (L-6)
Arriba Salsa 16oz- $4.79 (L-6)
Toastettes Croutons 6oz- $2.00 (L-6)
Hero Preserves 12oz- $4.59 (L-4)
J&D Bacon Salt- $3.99 (L-2)
Stash Tea- $3.00 (L-6)
Chef Paul Salmon Seasoning- $3.99 (L-2)
DaVinci Pasta 16oz- $2.00 (L-6)
Nakano Vinegar- $3.50 (L-6)
Morari Balsamic Vinegar- $4.99 (L-6)
Girard’s Salad Dressing- $3.99 (L-6)
Sans Sucre Pie or Mousse- $3.50 (L-6)
Kona Coast Marinade- $4.99 (L-6)
Private Selection…  Bacon 12oz- $3.99 (L-4)
                              Ice Cream 16oz- $1.50 (L-4)
                              Entrees- $6.49 (L-4)
                              Organic Bread- $2.99 (L-2)
                              Rubs- $5.99 (L-2)
2-Liter A&W, 7-UP, RC, Sunkist or Squirt- $1.75 (L-4)
MCP or Sure Jell brand Pectin- B4G a 5lb Bag of FM Sugar Free
Off Products- Save $1.00  (This is a FM Cpn so I would pair it with MFCpns)
Batter Blaster Organic Pancake Mix- Save $1.00 on FM eggs
Javatopia Organic Coffee- Save $3.00 on 4lb
Mexi Snax Tortilla Chips- $2.50 (L-4)
Cascade Ice Sparkling Water- $1.25
Wolfgang Puck Soup- $2.00 (L-4)  (Lots of cpns in the cpn exchange for this soup.)
Blue Diamond Almond Breeze- $1.79 (L-6)  (Lots of cpns out for this also.)
12 Pack of 7-Up, RC, A&W, Diet Rite or Sunkist- $5.00 (L-2)
Florida Natural Juice- $3.50 (L-4)
FM Napkins, Plates, Bowls or Cups- $1.67 (L-3)
Quaker Quakes Rice Cakes- $1.25 (L-4)  (Cpns in the cpn exchange for rice cakes.)

Monthly Markdowns...
Private Selection Organic Milk ½gal- $3.00
FM Whipped Topping 7oz- $2.00
Mountain High Yoghurt 32oz- $3.00
Egg Beaters- $3.00
Kozy Shack Pudding 22oz- $3.00
International Delight Creamer 16oz- $1.99
Daisy Sour Creamer 16oz- $1.99
FM Cottage Cheese 24oz- $2.50
Sargento Sliced Cheese- $3.00
Precious String Cheese 24oz- $6.99
Tillamook Shredded Cheese 8oz- $2.50  (It isn't a terrible price for this item but it is so much cheaper to just shredded your own.)
Kroger American Singles 16oz- $3.00
Philadelphia Cream Cheese Singles 5oz- $2.00 (display has $.55 cpns)
Tillamook Cheese 8oz… Smoked Black Pepper White, Garlic Chili Pepper, Extra Sharp, Smoked Medium Cheddar- $6.49
Presidents Crumbled Feta Cheese 6oz- $4.99
Land O Lakes American Cheese- $5.99lb

Kellogg’s Cereal- $3.50  (I hope you are all familiar with the Toy Story 3 deals going on right now.  I should blog about those just to make sure.)
Quakers Cereal- $3.00
Malt-O-Meal Cereal- $3.50

Simple Baking
La Victoria Salsa or Sauce- $2.00 (If you have La Victoria Rewards you can get free salsa!)
Rosarita Refried Beans- $1.25
Black Pearl Olives- $1.67
Del Monte Jar Fruit- $3.99
Stagg Chili- $1.67
Hormel Compleats- $2.50
Moore Stew- $2.50
Nalley Pickles- $2.50
Hormel Spam- $2.50
Ronzoni Pasta- $3.00 (terrible price, normal sale is $1.50)
Hunt’s Pasta Sauce- $1.25
Skippy Peanut Butter 40oz- $5.99
Smart Balance Peanut Butter- $3.00  (Cpns in the cpn exchange for PB)
Danish Orchards Spread 32oz- $4.59
Grain Basket Bread- $3.00
FM Rice 2lb- $1.50 (good price for 2lb bags)
FM Apriva Sweetener- $6.99
FM Yellowfin Tuna- $1.00
FM Saltines- $1.50
FM Syrup 24oz- $2.50
Private Selection Mustard- $2.50
Private Selection Pasta 16oz- $1.67
Private Selection Sea Salt- $1.99
Private Selection Maple Syrup 12oz- $8.99
Pillsbury Cookie Mix- $2.39
Ghirardelli Brownie Mix- $2.50
Krusteaz Mix- $2.50
Bays English Muffins 6pks- $3.00
Reser’s Baja Café Flour Tortillas 10pks- $2.50
Chachies Salsa 24oz- $3.00


FM Donuts 6-8pks- $2.50
FM Gelatin Packs- $2.50
FM Pudding Packs- $2.50
Orville Redenbacher’s Popcorn packs- $2.50
Sun Chips- $3.99
Fritos Dip- $2.50
Nabisco Oreo Cakesters- $3.50
Keebler Fudge Shoppe- $3.49
Rold Gold Pretzels- $3.00
Nabisco Fig Newtons- $4.00
Crunch ‘n Munch- $2.50
Keebler Ice Cream Cones- $2.99
De Beakelaer Piroulines- $6.49
Kellogg’s Poptarts- $3.00

Matador Beef Jerky 3oz- $4.49
Hickory Farms Sausage- $6.99
Harry’s Entrees- $3.49
Athenos Hummus 7oz- $3.49 (B1G1 cpn at
Reser’s Salad 3lb- $6.49
Pork Baby Back Ribs- $4.49lb
Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs 3lb- $7.99
Krogers Beef Patties 3lb- $10.49
Tony Roma’s St. Louis Ribs- $12.99
Pall Park Beef Franks- $2.00
Johnsville Breakfast Links, Patties or Ground Sausage- $3.50
Foster Farms Boneless Seasoned Turkey Tenders 24oz- $7.99
Carl Buddig Deli Cuts- $3.00
Farmland Ham Steaks or Cubes 16oz- $4.49
Colassal EZ Peel White Prawns- $6.99
Colassal EZ Peel Jumbo Cooked Shrimp- $6.99

Frozen Food
Fat Boy Ice Cream Packs- $6.99 (interesting name)
Villa Dolce Gelato or Sorbet- $3.00
Jamba Juice Novelties- $3.50
Krusteaz Breakfast- $2.79
Banquet Meals- $1.25
Jose Ole Taquitos- $4.99
Hungry Man Dinners- $3.00
Super Pretzels- $2.50
Cinnamon Churros- $2.50
Kid Cuisine Dinners- $2.50
Simple Potatoes Hash Browns- $2.00

Tree Top Trim Juice 46oz- $3.00
Northland 100% Juice 64oz- $3.00
Gatorade 32oz- $1.25
Millstone Bulk Coffee- $7.99lb
Kivu Package Coffee 10-12oz- $6.99
Lipton Tea 100pks- $3.99
Nestea Instant Tea- $3.50
Lipton Pyramid Tea 18-20pks- $2.50
FM Spring Water- $1.09
FM Punch 12oz Frozen- $1.09
Hawaii’s Own Juice 12oz Frozen- $1.50
24 Pack Coke- $9.99 (Many packs have $2.00 coupons!  Last I saw it was on sale for $7.99, org $15.99)
Fuze- $1.25
Rock Star Energy Drinks- $2.00
SoBe- $1.50
Lipton Tea 6 Packs- $7.99
Powerade 32oz- $.99
Propel 6 Packs- $3.50
Snapple 6 Packs- $6.99  (I think there is a rebate somewhere for these.)
Snapple White Tea- $1.50
Simply Limeade (Lemonade also pictured) - $2.50
Sunny Delight Punch- $3.50
Martinelli’s Sparkling Lemonade- $3.00
Knudsen Natural Brew- $3.49

Other Deals
FM Paper Towels 12roll- $7.99
Viva Paper Towels 1bgrl- $2.50
Scott Paper Towels 1rl- $1.99
Purex Complete 3in1 Laundry Sheets- $6.99
Clorox 2 2x Liquid Bleach- $7.99
Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent- $5.99
Arm & Hammer Dryer Sheets or Cloths- $4.49
OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover- $4.29
Clorox Disinfecting Wipes 75pk- $5.99
Pine-Sol Cleaner- $2.50
Palmolive Liquid Dish Detergent 10oz- $2.29
Palmolive Auto Dish Gel 75oz- $4.99
Scrubbing Bubbles Extended-A-Clean Power Sprayer 25oz- $8.99
Kleenex Family Size Facial Tissues- $2.50
Glad Trash Bags- $7.99
Kroger Lip Balm 2pk- $1.00
Pampers Baby Wipes Mega Refills- $5.99
Crest Glide Floss- $2.99
Dial Soap- $4.00
Tone Soap- $4.00
Infusium Hair Care- $5.49
Aussie Hair Styling Products- $3.19
Clairol Herbal Essence Hair Color- $5.99
LOreal Vive Pro or Studio Line Hair Care- $3.50
LOreal Kids Hair Care- $2.79
Scunci No Damage Hair Elastics- $1.99

This list does not contain deals on pet food, pharmacy items, or alcohol sales.
  If you have a blog please do not copy this post but feel free to post a link.

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