Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I keep seeing a book all over the place, "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest."  I guess that makes me "the girl who raked the hornet's nest."  I worked for 4 hours this past weekend to take out a huge wild rose bush... HUGE.  I'm 20 minutes from having the whole thing done and I get stung by a hornet through my gardening gloves.  It would have been funny if it hadn't of hurt so much because it got stuck through my gloves.  While I was dancing around, it was going on a wild ride.  I'm mildly allergic so I ran in and took some Benadryl.  After a couple minutes, I went back outside to finish the job.  I knew how bad my hand was going to look in a couple hours and I was taking advantage of the time until the distorted, swollen claw showed up. 

I went to work raking up the brush again.  The wet ground was causing the gnats to go crazy.  There were so many gnats but there was also an increasing number of hornets.  Maybe I made them mad when I put my hand in their nest.  Yep, apparently their nest was in the root system and I was wrist/rake deep in their home... in a bathing suit.  I'm so lucky!  I can't believe I only got stung once.  Needless to say, I stopped.

 I'll get some spray and then get back to work this weekend.  The best money saving tip I can tell anyone is to plant a garden.  But sadly it is the middle of June and it is only half planted.  I thought if I put a play area right next to it, my son could play and I could work.  He should enjoy it while he can because next year he will be planting too... AKA organized digging in the mud. 

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