Monday, July 12, 2010

Famous Footwear $10/$10 Deal- Ends Tonight

  I took this coupon with a grain of salt because I know how expensive the shoes are at Famous Footwear.  My son needed new sandals, sneakers and my husband needed sneakers.  Rethinking my shopping, I'm a little disappointed in myself.  The women next to me had it right.  She got sandals for her son for $1.99.  And then she had a second $10/$10 coupon and got 6 pairs of socks for $.99. 
  Well I did it a little differently.  I dragged my hubby along so we could both use one.  I thought they might be picky but they let the woman beside me use two (note that they were two separate purchases).  I got a good deal on the sandals.  They were $24.99, markdown to $14.99, $10/$10 off, final price $4.99.  And they are really nice.  They even light up.  I know, I'm a nerd.  The lights make my son happy, which makes me happy.   And then I got sucked into the buy one get one 1/2 off deal.  Grrrr!  That deal always messes with my head.  The deal only makes their overpriced shoes equal to the price of Fred Meyers daily prices.  But we need the shoes so I'm going to let this little glitch in my great shopping slide.  My husband's shoes were $59.99 (LA Gear sneakers so that is way over priced), marked down to $39.99.  Son's shoes were $29.99, half price $15.00.  Total $54.98- $10/$10= $44.98 for both pairs of shoes.  Ok, just one more time, yuck!
  So there is my shopping story.  If you can wait for a better deal to come along in August with the back to school deals, wait to buy multiple shoes there.  If you need shoes right away it isn't a terrible deal.  If you need kid's sandals and socks it is a great deal.  HERE is the Facebook link.

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