Friday, April 8, 2011

More On Monday

I'm probably not going to be posting much until Monday.  The family, including me, has had a very sick two weeks.  Sadly the kiddo had another seizure from his temperature.  I even had a fever and I never get fevers.  So we are laying low and having movie parties.  Silver lining to any sickness is watching your whole disney movie collection.  :)

Somethings I noticed before we fell into the land of runny noses...
Those Frozen Food Coupon books were restocked at Safeway.  This was last week but they seemed to have many at the North Pole and Airport Safeway locations.  I also scored big time last week at the clearance area in North Pole Safeway.  I took pictures to post of all the groceries but I think it is better to look forward than back at this point.  Money is going to be very tight for the next two months so I'm going to stock up on the deals and live off of our current supply.  At least it will be good motivation for gardening.  Vegetables and fruit drain our grocery budget but are a must have.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

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