Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great Kool Aid Deal At University Safeway

I found this deal on Thurday night at the Safeway on University Ave.  I haven't had a chance to blog about it so I checked tonight to make sure there were a few packets left.  Well there were more than a few... there were about 8 display boxes full with a choice of two flavors, lemon/lime or watermelon/cherry.  The packets are regularly priced $.30 a packet.  The clearance sticker lowers the price to $.15.  The newsminer actually had two coupons in the inserts at the beginning of the month for Kool Aid.  One was Buy 2 Get 1 Free  and a Buy 10 Get 5 Free.  They automatically scanned off -$.25 and -$1.25.  If you have those coupons you can buy 18 for $1.20 ($2.70-$1.50).  Or you can get an even better deal and print a $.50 off a purchase of 5 packets HERE.  (Enter the Kool Aid giveaway on Facebook and they give you a coupon.  Make sure you hit the back button to print it twice.)  Using two of these coupons will score you 10 packets for $.50!  $.05 a packet!     

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