Thursday, March 10, 2011

Newsminer Newspaper's Deceptive Deal

I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt.  But after talking to a total of 3 people at the Newsminer I have come to my personal opinion that they false advertised how good their newspaper deal was that I promoted a couple weeks ago.  It makes me mad for two reasons.  I promoted it and I was super excited about this amazing deal.  It was still a good deal but I feel duped.  This is issue...

$40 for 26-week, 7-day Fairbanks Daily News-Miner subscription, plus e-edition - a $156 value
Details of the Deal
Voucher expires March 31, 2011
New subscribers only (may not have been a subscriber for at least 30 days)
One coupon redemption per customer
Not valid for cash back
Not valid with any other offer
Cannot use until day after online offer ends
Valid only in Fairbanks home-delivery areas.

Here is my argument.  If you call to buy a 26 week, 7 day subscription plus e-edition it costs $120.00.  Now the representative from the paper (the 3rd person I spoke to) told me the $156.00 is if you went to the store and purchase them.  He said that was stated in the advertisement.  It doesn't say that anywhere.  In fact it states SUBSCRIPTION.  Stating a subscription's value is $156 when it is $120 is false advertising.  And they don't feel anything is wrong with the ad.  I just want to inform my readers that the cost of a 26 week, 7 day newspaper subscription is $94.00.  I'm not interested in the e-edition when I have a physical paper.  So the personal value I give this deal is that I snagged a $94.00 subscription for $40.00.  Though I'm afraid this whole thing has put a bad taste in my mouth for these deals.  As you can imagine after talking to three people I was fed way more false information than I shared in this post.  It would have been much easier for them if I didn't know how to add. 

***Just want to note that I was completely calm and professional during the conversation.  My only request was that I wanted to voice my concern and to get clarification.   

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  1. Wait...they normally charge an extra $16 for the e-edition when you subscribe to the regular paper?