Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Newsminer Newspaper Deal

For Today (4/1) and Tomorrow (4/2) only the newsminer is running a sale under their new Hot Deals Alert program.  This is the first thing I have bought on this program.  I think it is about 3 weeks old.  So far I've been fairly impressed with what they have been offering.  If we had some extra cash laying around I probably would have bought a couple deals by now.  But this newspaper deal I just couldn't pass up...

Newsminer Newspaper is offering you a 26 Week, 7 Day subscription including the E-Edition for $40 (Org $156)!  I called today to make sure my North Pole address was included in their opinion of the Fairbanks home delivery area.  If you have questions call 456-6661.  To get this great deal go HERE

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