Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hello Again

Well I got back from a much needed trip to PA to see my family.  I feel refreshed.  And life seems very different now for some reason.  My husband has a new job.  He is now on the road to becoming a journeyman in about 5 years.  It is like there is a light at the end of the tunnel of all this penny pinching.  If I just keep on saving what I can, we might actually build a savings account.  And last month we paid off the last of our medical bills.  (And the angels sing!)

Also, I started remodeling againg.  We started 3.5 years ago.  There was this plan to move to Kenai.  But when my son was born 14 weeks premature it just stopped.  And then building supplies became the last thing on the list when it came to spending money.  So we have been living in the hands of disorganization.  And I'll tell you a secret that I'm a little embarrassed to admit.  I'm a sucker for that new Nate show.  The guy that was always on Oprah.  I always thought "Who is going to watch that show?" when I saw it advertised.  ME!  I don't know why but I love it.  It motivates me.

Let me tell you about my home.  I have been told by a construction worker who built the house behind us that the people who built my house asked them how to do certain work because they flat didn't know how to build certain things.  So we found pipes that were just capped, our ventilation fans leaked in water from the snow, drywall was cut short, framing needed to be recut, and the list goes on.  So..... after the huge list of major problems got fixed (including a new leach field for our 5 year old house) we are making it look better on the outside too.  Sorry to those of you that are fans of popcorn ceilings but they had to go.  And with 7 dogs we ended up taking the carpet out.  So right now the thing that is taking up most my time is taking skim coating the walls and taping up the gaps.  And then sanding.  And then doing it all over again... a couple times.  So thank the Lord for the Nate Show and the motivation it gives me.

I am not couponing like I used to be but I am looking for deals and cooking from scratch or semi-scratch.  Today I made 4 lasagnas.  So I plan on posting here and there about some good deals that I've found and haven't seen posted on other sites.  Maybe I'll even post some remodeling pictures too.  I've very excited about this winter.  I think its going to be a good one!   

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