Saturday, November 13, 2010

Wii Games At Freds + Free Turkey Out

I haven't looked at too many blogs to see if this deal has posted but I thought I should let you know just in case.  Freds if have a great deal right now on Wii games.  I wonder if they are panicking because of the new motion sensors coming out for other games.  We have had Wii for a bit now.  But I think we only average adding about 2.5 games a year.  And the last one we got was at Christmas last year.  So here is the amazing deal...

-Saving Certifitate that can be used in the electronic section.  It can be found in the two days sales ad released Friday and the Saturday one day sales ad.  $10/$50, $20/$100, and $30/$150.
-10% off Wii Software coupon found in weekly electronic ad and two day ad for Friday and Saturday.
-Coupon hanging next to Wii Games.  Get $25 Fred Meyer gift card when you purchase two wii games $29.99 and up.

The guy helping me couldn't have been nicer but I had taken so much of his time asking him about certain games that I didn't want to keep him any longer by trying out the coupons.   I want to know if I can use the 10% on the $29.99 games and still get the gift card.  Will the register still see them as $29.99 games or now see them as less?  I guess I'll find out tomorrow.  And lately instead of handing out gift cards the people at the registers just ask me if I want it deducted off my bill.  Be careful if you do that because that might change your savings certificate.

Also note that you should give them your $25 coupon before the certificate because that could also change the amount of the games to under $29.99.  So I'll be giving them my coupons in this order $25 gift card, saving certificate, and then the 10% off if they let me.

Ok and not to get you all too confused but don't forget to use your free turkey coupons too.  They came in Wednesdays paper with some other nice coupons.  The woman at customer service was kind enough to let me know that she thinks there will be another free turkey coupon in Sundays paper.  I can't post the other coupons right now without waking my son.  If I remember two of them were for eggs and soup.  And then they had an advertisement for really cheap potatoes.  10 pounds for $1.98.  So the plan for tomorrow is games, groceries and the turkey.     

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