Monday, May 31, 2010

Dog Food

We have 7 dogs living at our house. Dog food used to run us about $85.00 a month when they were eating Purina. Attempting to save money, I tried to do a mix of Purina and the Fred Meyers Brand dog food but it just isn't working. It cut the bill down to $50.00 a month but the dogs don't seemed satisfied and it doesn't seem to be digesting completely. It would almost be painful to keep shelling out $85.00 again. So I came up with a plan...

I make the dog food. I've done a lot of research on dog food. It seems like the more information I read, the less comfortable I am with giving the dogs any brand. I had a golden retriever who lived 15 years on a diet of Purina so that has to say something about that brand of food. But let's see how becoming the dogs' personal chef works out for my family.

40% meat, 30% vegetables, 30% carbs. If you ever try baking for your dog, make sure you have a full list of products that you should never put in dog food. I never use onions or garlic even though I find them in a lot of recipes because I occasionally find them on vet "Do Not Eat" lists.

Money Invested...
20 quart stock pot $20.70 (org. $45.99)- I'm going to use this baby out!
3LB Rice $2.10 (SW Sale)
Leftover oatmeal $0
Leftover carrots $0
Last Summers Salmon $0
Freezer Bags $.75
1/3 Bag of FM Dog Food to transition $4.67
20LB Purina to transition $8.49 (org. 16.99)

Supplies- $21.45
Food- $15.26

Ok, well the numbers don't look so good considering my food goal is $25.00. I have to have the transition food though. So the new goal.... $30.00! ($25.00 will be my goal next month)

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