Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Where did I go?

I would never call myself superstitious but I just couldn't bring myself to post before now.  I started a couple of times but then I would delete my post thinking, "Nope, not yet."  Well it's time... I'm pregnant.  I'm now in my 25th week.  If you are familiar with my family you will know that I started couponing a few years ago to save money after our budget became very tight following my son's 14 week premature birth.  Things are currently going very well.  From weeks 5 through 18 I was somewhere between light bed rest and strict bed rest.  I had to have surgery and had extreme nausea which caused some very bad hypoglycemic episodes.  My husband has been the main grocery shopper and is doing a fairly good job saving money.  Though for a bit it was fast food/ delivery for us.  That was a hard adjustment for me because I knew how much I could make that money stretch at the grocery store.  But something had to give.  But I'm able to be a little more active now.  And it is a huge relief to be this far along.

I want to give people encouragement when dealing with insurance companies.  Know your policy and fight things that you feel don't make sense.  My husband had 4 ER visits in 4 days two day before I found out I was pregnant.  Between the two of us we had over $15,000 in medical bills within two months after insurance payments.  We read our insurance coverage and questioned certain payments.  In the end we now owe less than $4,000.  From daunting to doable.  And think of how many groceries I can buy with $11,000.  lol      

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