Thursday, September 22, 2011

Putting Together a Bazaar List...

I'm putting together a bazaar/fair list for the Fairbanks/North Pole area.  I found that even though the newspaper puts together a list (I think it is at the beginning of October) some people don't get their bazaars in on time or people are looking on the internet for information that doesn't seem to be posted anywhere.  I think I have all the big ones but if you have any that you want to make sure are on the list shoot me an email at  I'm planning on posting the list this coming Monday.  I would even appreciate emails like "Doesn't such and such have a bazaar too?"  That way I can at least do some investigating.  Thanks all!  And please feel free to pass on the message that I'm trying to do a master list to those who might be interested. 


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