Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Preterm Labor

I used to be so detailed.  My weeks were planned out.  I even made a magnet planning board and a cross off list for each day.  One day I might get back to that point.  But I'm thinking it is going to be a couple months until my lists and calendar events hold any kind of stability.  On Saturday, at 27 weeks pregnant, I went to the hospital for preterm labor.  This pregnancy is still going better than my son's pregnancy 4 years ago but there is a lot of fear in knowing what is going to happen if things continue to go down hill.  I'm just thankful I'm home.  We are just counting down the days.  It is just so nerve racking to know that I could have to leave at anytime without any notice.  It is so scary.  You would think I would be some what prepared for the lack of control because I birthed a 14 week preemie but at a certain point I thought my ultrasounds showed I was going to beat my complications and have a "normal" pregnancy, even if the beginning wasn't easy.

So the bottom line is that I might not be posting for a bit.  Or I could be over posting if I end up in the hospital with a computer.  I was so bored last time.  I long for stability!      

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