Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Recycle Bank... 140 Points Available

I probably haven't been giving recycle bank the attention it deserves.  The Alaskan Bargain Hunter posted today how to get 25 points by clicking on the Dove logo under the "Earn Points" section.  So I went on a points hunt and wanted to report every point I was able to find without needing a product code.

Pledge to Save Water (click link on right side)... Earn 5 Points
Take the Aveeno Pledge through Facebook... Earn 50 Points
Partners In Purpose Learn and Earn (Recycling Quiz link on right side, right answer not needed)... Earn 5 Points
Partners In Purpose Learn and Earn, Look Beyond the Nutritional Label (I took the quiz a month ago and was able to retake it again for points.)... Earn 25 Points
Future Friendly P&G Points (accept all 3 challenges on their facebook page) and Coupon... Earn 30 Points and a $2.00 off Future Friendly Products at P&G Estore

Not familiar with Recyclebank go HERE.  I love recyclebank for their high value coupons.  You receive points for doing different activities and then can cash them in for deals or coupons.  They run discounted points during the month.  Sometimes they run awesome coupons for only 10 points.

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  1. I may have already signed up for Recycle Bank but if not I'll sign up under you.