Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Shopping Trip

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Lately Safeway is my favorite place to shop.  It seems like they have had a few excellent deals over the past couple weeks.  My mother-in-law got me a really good book about being prepared for an emergency.  I would love some feedback on how large a stockpile you have or would like to have on hand in groceries.  The book suggests a year.  So I'm starting small.  I honestly don't think I have enough room for a year supply in our home.  Maybe 4 months.  My husband's Mountain Dew habit would take up half the pantry alone.  So when I find a good deal I stock up thinking 4 months ahead.  These are my good deals from Sunday...

The original price of all these groceries was $110.87 but I paid $20.68.  A total savings of 81%!  A lot of the savings had to do with the 50% clearance shelf.  I'm not an advocate of clearing a shelf when you find a good deal but I will put a lot in my cart if they are on the clearance shelf.  If it isn't sold soon it's going in the trash.

Quakers Chewy Bars... Org $3.79... Sale $2.50... 50% off -$1.25... Safeway cpn $1.99... Final Price $.74
Quakers Rice Delights... Org $3.19... Sale $1.50... 50% off -$.75... Final Price $.75
Jimmy Dean... Org $5.49... 50% off -$.2.75... Manu cpn -$1/1... Final Price $1.74
Steak... Org $6.29... 50% off -$3.15... Safeway cpn -$2/1... Final Price $1.14
These are my favorite deals...
Candy Bars... Org Price for 8 $7.92... Safeway Sale Buy 4 Get 4 Free -$3.96... Manu cpn for 3 free candy bars, max value -$2.65... 2 Manu cpn -$.25/1... Final Price $.81 for 8 Candy Bars
4 Sodas and 2 Crackers... Org Price for all $40.72... Safeway Sale Buy 2 Get 2 Free and 2 Free Crackers-$24.34... Manu cpn for 1 Free Coke 12 pack (from coke rewards) -$8.19... 3 Manu cpn (soda) $.75/1... Manu cpn (crackers) -$1/2...  Final Price for 4 Packs of Soda and 2 Boxes of Crackers $4.94


  1. Niiiiiceee!!! Talk about a great shopping trip. I haven't had one that good in a while :). I imagine how good you feel.

    As for stockpiles...I don't know really how much food I have. I only have a small block freezer, so I don't really have a lot of room to keep meat, so I usually have MAYBE a month's supply of that on hand (and it'd get pretty scarce by the end of the month).

    As for canned depends on what it is. I tried to can a lot of in-season produce last year to see us through the winter and I honestly think I'm going to make it (yay!), but that's with the canned goods I'd gotten from the store too. Cereal I think I have enough to last us a lifetime at this point *laugh*, but I'd say on average I have MAYBE 4 months worth of groceries we could live off of. And that'd be a lot of beans and rice by the end of that four months.

    I do try to keep at LEAST a years worth supply of toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc.) in stock at all times around here so I never have to pick those up at full price and I try to keep at least six month's supply of toilet paper and paper towels in the house if I can (paper towels are down to about a month right now as there just hasn't been any great deals on those lately). I just put those types of items in my master bathroom since my husband and I could care less if we end up looking at toilet paper or paper towels after we get out of the shower :).

    Every book I've ever seen has suggested six months to a year's worth of food storage, but like you I have a tremendous lack of room for that type of stockpile, so I just make due with what I have.

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Where do you find your great deals on toilet paper and paper towels? I don't seem to find them anywhere. We are planning on building a garage this year. The hubby said he is making sure there is storage room. I can't wait for that storage space! Can I just say how impressed I was with all your canning this past summer? I'm hoping to do a little this year.

  3. I was watching Extreme Couponing last night and a few of them were totally inspiring. I wasn't thinking "crazy", I was thinking "genius"!!

    I don't have anywhere to have a large stockpile. Mice in the winter and bugs and humidity in the summer make their way into my basement which is the only place to stock a lot. Either would get into any box that wasn't perfectly sealed.