Wednesday, December 8, 2010

MORE Wendy's Free Fries Coupons Through Facebook *UPDATED TWICE

I really like Wendy's new fries.  I've already used two coupons from their last promotion I posted about.  The value size is very tiny but I guess that just means you don't have to worry about them getting cold.  Fairbanks has updated to the Sea Salt Fries but North Pole as of Tuesday still tastes like the old ones.

I'm a little confused about this new promotion, FRY-FOR-ALL .  It is simple enough to get the coupon for a value sized fry but your level (small, medium, large) doesn't change the size on the fry couponI think that is a little misleading.  But the 5 people who cashed in on your small fry catergory can replay towards the 15 coupons in the medium category to try for the instant win prizes.  That last sentence will make a lot more sense if you look HERE at the promotion page.  You can also win prizes but I'll just be excited to get a medium fry.  I'll post an update if I find out more.  But these have reset so even if you printed from the last promotion this past weekend you can print 2 more.  Even though you can only print two per facebook account, I was able to print 4 on one computer by using my husband's page.

*Update...  After the first 5 fries are taken from your post, the promotion makes it so you have to open the next package of coupons.  So now you have a new link to post on your wall because the old link will say you are out of coupons to share.  This is the most complicated promotion I have ever seen. 

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